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  • a modern, high tech drone equipped with advanced sensors flying over a diverse landscape showcasing its role in methane leak detection for environment

    Good Sense Prevails: Administration Unleashes Drones to Fight Methane Leaks in Oil and Gas Operations

    Our planet is grappling with an invisible yet formidable enemy: Methane. This potent greenhouse gas drives over 25% of the global warming we face today. The challenge intensifies with super-emitter events. These are more significant and sometimes massive methane leaks in oil and gas operations.  Methane traps more heat than CO2. Though it does not…

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  • landfill methane emissions monitored by drone

    Methane Detection Enters New Era with EPA-Approved Drone Method

    Discover how drones equipped with methane detectors are transforming landfill inspections, improving efficiency and safety while reducing emissions.

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  • The Top Books About Drones That We Recommend

    These are the top books about drones covering drone technology, drone design, flight operations, and regulations. 

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