Viper Drones is pleased to present some of the most sophisticated and capable drone solutions in the world to some of the most discerning operators in a broad array of industries.

Experience solutions tailored to your specific industry needs.

Whether you’re building a drone solution for your business or looking for a service partner, Viper Drones can help you accelerate your time to adoption.

We have broad expertise in drone technology and the pieces required to build a complete solution. We also have depth in several solutions and industries. Check out the industry briefings below and follow the appropriate links to find out more details about what we explore in that industry. Or hit the button below to explore our various solutions.

Viper Drones like a tailor creates bespoke drone solutions
Viper Drones, like a tailor, create bespoke drone solutions
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Build with Viper Drones.

Great drone solutions include the precise integration of Drones, Sensors, and Software, and are delivered as a finely tuned service. We can help you accelerate your adoption by steering you to the right choices, the ones that work in your industry. Or, we can help you find the right service partners.



All drones are not equal, and each represents a series of operational trade-offs. Which drones are better suited for your requirements, and industry?

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Yes, there are a lot of sensors available today. Yet, they are not all capable of delivering your requirements. Which are best integrated to deliver for your needs?



Communications, Data, Fleet, Flight, Pilot and Operator management all require the right software. Will they work for your needs, and together?



An essential question you should ask is whether to build your own drone service, or work with a capable drone service partner. Do you know the pitfalls to avoid?

Put our claims to the test.

Can we be trusted?

Do we know these solutions?

Do we have the experience to help you accelerate your program?

See the Viper Drones difference. At no risk to you!

Industry Expertise

People who have expertise just love to share it. That’s human nature.

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first responders drone solutions
First responders’ drone solutions

First Responders

Our team has decades of experience with Field Responders.

infrastructure and industrial drone solutions
Infrastructure drone solutions


Several of our teams’ infrastructure experience spans decades.

drone solutions for manufacturers
Mapping and Surveying solutions

Mapping & Surveying

We have teammates who started in Mapping and Surveying decades ago.

oil and gas drone solutions
Oil and Gas drone solutions

Oil and Gas

We have been delivering solutions to Oil and Gas for decades.

public safety drone solutions
Public Safety drone solutions

Public Safety

Our team has decades of experience in Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

telecom drone solutions
Telecom drone solutions


A number of our team started in Telecom more than a decade ago.

drone solutions for utilities
Drone solutions for Utilities


Our team utility experience collectively spans decades of work.

drone solutions for other verticals
Drone solutions for Other Verticals


We have experience in Agri, Chem, and several other spaces.