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What Every Energy Executive

Should know about LDAR & Leak Detection

What Every Energy Executive Should Know About Leak detection & LDAR

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Natural gas and oil facility owners and operators who see leak detection and repair (LDAR) requirements as opportunities for product savings are reaping the rewards in higher profits, greater worker safety, and improved testing accuracy. 

    Surprising technologies are upending the economics of leak detection and making this process even more accessible and safer.
    Seize these opportunities to achieve greater competitiveness and higher public approval.
    Revealed: Your bottom-line could be enhanced with a fresh look on your LDAR approach!

This eBook will teach you:

LDAR is more than just compliance

Many Natural gas and oil facility owners and operators see LDAR as a compliance requirement. That's a mistake!

Old LDAR methods are cumbersome

EPA's Method 21, the historic Best system of Emissions Reduction (BSER) is cumbersome, expensive and outdated.


A Massive Technological Shift  Has Occurred in LDAR

New technologies have upended the economics of LDAR, while improving safety and reliability.

Benefits are Broad. Why you Don't want to Get Left Behind

Small changes to LDAR process and technology can lead to massive company and community benefits. 


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